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Trine 5 Update #2 – Now with Cross-play!

November 16, 2023By KaiFB

We are happy to publish Patch 1.0.4 for Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy on all platforms today! With this patch, players on PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch will finally be able to play together.

Here is the full changelog:

Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy Update #2 (Patch v.1.0.4)

Major Fixes / Additions:
– Crossplay added between all of the following platforms in public and private games: All different PC storefronts, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series.
– Virtual keyboard enabled for consoles for password input, allowing private games to support Crossplay.
– Invite feature added (does not support Crossplay!).
– Invites enabled for all consoles, within their own console families.
– In Friend Only games, Steam and Epic overlay supports inviting and joining into ongoing games, as well as inviting into lobby.
– Gog can invite friends into Friend Only lobbies through the invite button only.
– AMD: Fixed flickering shadows for older than RDNA2 cards

General fixes:
– Fixed hosted lobbies sometimes not appearing in the “Browse Games” -list when there were many ongoing games.
– Plugged a memory leak.
– Fixed a rare case where a joining player brought in an extra local player with them.
– Fixed local players spawning off screen in some cases.

Save system:
– Fixed a case of getting stuck joining a game when player’s save slots were full.
– Fixed Quick Join creating new saves, if player already had a save of that game.

General Gameplay:
– Last used character is now remembered in Classic games if players use a character not default for their player number.
– Fixed being unable to descend a ledge into ledgegrab if standing slightly over the edge.
– Improved ledgegrabbing on sloped terrain.
– Disallowed client having story progress locked skills unlocked, that the host doesn’t yet have, if they played the same save further on their own and then join back.
– Fixed “Last player remaining” -effect persisting after disconnecting.

– Fixed a rare crash when controlling another Pontius’ Prismatic Talisman.
– Fixed object lock effect persisting on Pontius’ thrown sword.
– Fixed some upgrades being able to use incorrect player number for their function.
– Exploding clone no longer deals damage to the final boss through its invulnerability.

Level 4:
– Fixed a sharp camera re-focus after breaking out of the Garden Party Gazebo.

Level 7:
– Pontius breaks laws of physics less and  can no longer get out of bounds in the level.
– Prevented starting a fight too early by throwing boxes ahead.

Level 8:
– Gate Guardian nor Tower Guardian can’t get stuck anymore to their flamethrower attack if Amadeus shoves a box to their face.

Level 9:
– One less puzzle that can be broken with Wind Burst and cause player to get stuck.
– Fixed broken French localizations for opening cutscene.

Level 12:
– Added a rope target to the bottom of the elevator near the end of level, in case player falls off.

Level 15:
– Fixes and improvements to the Sauna secret.

Level 18 and 19:
– Fixed Clockwork Mages causing softlocks by falling off or spawning so that they never teleported back up.

– Fixed overlapping texts in Nintendo Switch’s localizations of Czech, German and Japanese.

– Xbox: Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause joining to fail on Xbox.
– PS5: Fixed vibration not working on DualSense controller(s).
– PS5: Fixed Experienced Heroes Achievement not triggering correctly.
– Steamdeck: Fixed and updated on-battery frame rate limit from 30 -> 60 fps.
– FPS limiter is now a slider instead of a text field in Steam Big Picture mode and Steam Deck.

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